How to Drive a Multiple Spindle Head

The Multi-Spindle Heads can be considered a multiple output gear housing and have no drive mechanism.  This allows them to be driven by many different methods.  We provide some standard attachment methods for common drilling machines.  Common attachment details are shown below.

Information for common drilling machines such as drill presses, mill-drills, vertical mills, tapping machines have been accumulated by AutoDrill.  With this database of information we provide a prompt quotation for both the multiple spindle drilling head and the adapter.  Our delivery is also among the best in the industry.  Multi-drill heads and adapters made for your pattern and drilling machine can be shipped in three to four weeks.

Multi-Spindle Head for Vertical Milling Machine

Adjustable Twin Spindle head

Bridgeport vertical milling machines and hundreds of copycat brands are popular workhorses in many manufacturing operations.  In most cases, these machines have sufficient horsepower to handle the extra load of drilling multiple holes simultaneously.  Multiple spindle drill heads are easily mated to these machines. Since most of the brands conform to a common standard we can provide Adjustable Multiple Spindle Heads with the correct adapters from stock.

Vertical Mill Adapter for Twin Spindle Drill Head   

Multi-Spindle Head for Drill Press Operation

Adjustable Twin Spindle Drill head

It's doubtful that a drill press cannot be found somewhere in a manufacturing operation.  The operation of a drill press is familar to many employees.  The drill press has the drive and mechanism needed to make use of Multi-Drill Heads.  AutoDrill can supply Multiple Spindle Heads with custom drill press adapters to improve multi-hole drilling operations fast.
Many of these drill presses, especially the smaller styles, have a jacobs taper spindle. We provide the multi-spindle head driver that mounts directly to the taper and the clamping adapter to mount the drill head to the drill press quill.

Jacobs Spindle Adapter & Multi-Drill Head   

Multiple Spindle Head and Morse Drill Press Adapter

Adjustable Spindle Drill Head

Multi-Drill Heads are available with the driver and adapter to fit a drill press with Morse Taper spindles. This type spindle is the most common for drill presses larger than the table top models. Tooling is easily removed from this taper by using a tapered plate called a drift. Morse Taper adapter drives are available through #5 taper for our Multiple Spindle Drill Heads.

Morse Taper Adapter for Multiple Drill Head   

Motor Driven Multiple Spindle Drill Head

Twin Spindle Head

Multi-Drill Heads are available mounted directly to electric motors.   This allows the customer to mount a complete Multiple Spindle Head Drive to many sources besides the common drilling machines.  A solid, concentric adapter from the motor to the multiple spindle head provides one compact unit.  The multi-spindle heads have been mounted to both NEMA and IEC standard motors.

            Motor Adapter for Multiple Drill Head   

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AutoDrill can provide replacement drilling heads for Commander, Johnson, Ettco, Centerline Centroid and many more. Our prices make rebuilding Commander, Johnson, Ettco, Centerline Centroid and many other brand multiple spindle heads uneconomical. When you need a replacement head for Commander, Johnson, Ettco or Centerline Centroid multi-spindle drill or tapping heads call AutoDrill.

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